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The Gentle Practice of Reiki

The Gentle Practice of Reiki

April 01, 2024

Reiki is a gentle, therapeutic modality that originated in Japan to promote stress reduction and relaxation for the natural healing of the body. Reiki is a technique centered on the placing of hands on or above certain areas of the body to release blocked energy, which creates the body’s own healing response. It is based on the concept of a life force energy flowing through the body. While this has not been proven scientifically, Reiki practitioners believe that if the life force energy gets blocked, then an individual is more likely to experience higher stress levels or get sick.

Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of the original Reiki system of natural healing, made the mind-body connection early on, which became the core philosophy behind the practice. He recommended that in order to stay physically healthy, an individual should adopt the following five simple, ethical ideals that are universally acknowledged across all cultures for inner peace and harmony:  

  1. Avoid anger.
  2. Be kind to others.
  3. Express gratitude.
  4. Work hard.
  5. Don’t take life too seriously.   

Reiki is an alternative therapy that aims to treat the whole person—physical, emotional, and mental.
A series of Reiki sessions may help to facilitate deep relaxation, stress relief, and an overall feeling of well-being. It is a generally safe, non-invasive method of healing that may also be used in coordination with more conventional medical treatments.

Be sure to consult your health care provider for a medical condition or health concern that you may be experiencing before undertaking Reiki or other complementary and alternative medicine therapies.


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