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Storytime with Diane Volume II: The Case of Mr. A

Storytime with Diane Volume II: The Case of Mr. A

December 10, 2023

What happens when you travel to Romania? 

You pick up a new client!

My friend and I both have ancestors who came from Romania. In 2017, we did a 10-day tour of the country, staying in six different hotels, taking four airplanes, and driving 10 hours through the beautiful Carpathian Mountains to get to our respective ancestors’ hometowns.

My friend's ancestors were from Timisoara which used to be part of Hungary and then became part of Romania after WW1. We were sitting with our tour guide in the square, enjoying some lunch and talking about our backgrounds.  

The guide asked us where we were from, and we said “Baltimore Maryland”.  Out of nowhere, a voice from behind us said, “I’m from Baltimore, too!”. I turned around, and there was a gentleman wearing an Orioles baseball hat. In Timisoara. In Romania.

Of all places!

We spent some time talking with him, and he asked us what we did for a living. I answered that I am a financial advisor, and he replied, “I need one”. Upon my return to the U.S., I contacted him and sure enough, he became a client, and a lovely one at that. And his wife is lovely, too!

The moral of the story is: keep traveling and meeting people. You just never know when one will become a client!

Here's a photo of me (right), a travel buddy of mine, and our tour guide (middle) from the same trip!