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He Was Wrong.

He Was Wrong.

March 04, 2024

When I started out as a financial advisor, I worked for a large Mid-Atlantic firm. Every year, the President of the firm would come to our office before Christmas to thank us for our business.

One year, he said that when we are talking to our clients about their accounts, “don’t forget to ask for the son’s account”.

What about the daughter’s?  That’s what was going through my mind. He was very upfront about the fact that he did not approve of women as financial advisors. He also thought women had no money.  

He was wrong.

Women will be managing money from inheritances, retirement rollovers, selling businesses and savings in the near future. The downside is that learning how to do that takes having to comprehend the ins and outs of investing and estate planning.  And that means learning a new financial language.

I decided early in my career to focus on providing education and investment services to women.  It was an untapped market, and unlike the President of my former firm, I was right.  

I hope you will read this article, “The wealth transfer from baby boomers mostly benefits women”. Please pass it along to any woman trying to figure out how to manage their investments. They don’t have to be alone in this struggle.

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