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4 Reasons to Consider a Life Insurance Policy

4 Reasons to Consider a Life Insurance Policy

March 25, 2021

Buying a life insurance policy is something that many people push off, sometimes until it is too late. For many people, the thought of buying life insurance means thinking about their death, which is something that most people wish to avoid. Life insurance is not about death, but instead about the future and security of your loved ones. If you have not yet made the jump to purchase your life insurance policy, below are four reasons you should consider one.[1]

It Assists With Your Income

If your family members are dependent on the income that you bring to the household, a sudden loss of it may add intense stress to their grief. Life insurance can typically cover your income at least long enough for your loved ones to gain stability or make up for the loss of monthly funds.[2]

It Will Help With Funeral Expenses

Funeral arrangements can cost thousands of dollars for even simple services. Your life insurance policy may help your loved ones to cover these expenses without placing any extra financial burden on them.[3]

It Will Help With Your Debt

There is a common misconception that all your debt will be erased in the event of your death. While this may be true for some debts, it is not true for all; most of the time, it tends to not be true of the largest debts like anything left to pay on a home. If you have a spouse for is a co-signer on your mortgages or other loans, they may become responsible for the entire debt. Debtors may also come after the assets in your estate, which can significantly reduce the amount of estate that will be left to your loved ones.[4],[5]

It Will Help With Large Future Expenses

If you have children, you likely have spent some time planning for their future—including higher education or vocational training. Any kind of secondary education can be expensive; with a life insurance policy in place, you will take the stress off of your spouse or your children when it comes time to pay for college expenses. If your children have already gone through college or training and paid for it with loans, your life insurance policy can help ease some of that burden.[6]

Life insurance is not about the dead but the living and how you can continue your responsibilities toward them and ensure they are taken care of in the sudden event of your death. For some families, it may even mean staving off financial disaster.

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