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  1. Greater Satisfaction. Investors want to feel confident and secure about their financial affairs. Having a professional to talk to, rather than casting about alone, can provide valuable reassurance in troubled times.
  2. Change of direction. Sometimes it’s as simple as looking at your portfolio and asking, "Well, how well have I been doing without a financial advisor?"
  3. Straight advice. As a financial professional, I am registered to give objective investment advice. I constitute the emotional firewall between you and the often-alarming financial media.
  4. Diversification. A portfolio can be prevented from falling apart by diversifying investments across appropriate asset classes.
  5. Experience. I work with a range of clients who have different objectives, risk tolerances, risk capacities, and cash-flow needs. My experience gives me an edge over those who manage only their own investments.
  6. Knowledge. My skills and experience can potentially save clients time and worry.
  7. Protection. I work with a major firm that has a compliance department to help protect clients’ interests and aim to ensure that they’re treated fairly.
  8. Panic prevention. My job is to shield clients from panic-inspired decisions during market corrections—as well as irrationally optimistic expectations during bull markets.
  9. Goal setting. I can help clients establish realistic investment objectives—and constantly remind them of these original goals and time horizons in both good and bad markets.
  10. Market education. I give my clients information so that they can make an educated decision regarding their assets.
  11. 401(k) rescue. Many investors have been managing their own 401(k) plans. I can help.
  12. Investment opportunities. I’m armed with experience and wisdom that can help investors take advantage of some of the best corporate opportunities of all time. I can also determine whether alternative investments are appropriate for clients.

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against
market risk